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Pedigree Analysis

There are plenty of people who claim to offer pedigree analysis.  In fact, there are plenty of computer programs that will also help you find matings for mares, and a variety of other supposed functions.  What do most mean by analysis?  They will come up with pedigree ratings and nicks saying that a match is an A plus but also fail to mention that most matings for a mare by that stallion will produce a similar result.  Northern Dancer line stallions with Northern Dancer line mares after all have a good success rate, don't they.  How does that information help you with the training and understanding the aptitude of a horse?  Simply put it doesn't, and very few, if any pedigree analysts will put their name to anything more than a general statement like a mating is better than a percentage of the general population.  We have also seen an advance in technology, and have seen a number of horse clinics conducting tests to determine the likely aptitude and potential of a horse.  There is even a genetic test that can be purchased that claims to determine this likelihood.  In our belief, the answer lies in the pedigree, and if anyone claims to be a pedigree analyst, and can't come up with something more specific about the potential and aptitude of a horse, then you are better sticking with your own judgement.  We have just posted some points from an assessment we did of a horse some years back before it raced.   We will leave it to you to see if we got it right, and if this is the type of information that you think would be important to have when looking at breeding or buying a horse.  Please visit our website at and our assessment of Impatient Star.

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