The home of thoroughbred dosages in Australia

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This website is a resource for Australian and NZ students of the study of dosages in thoroughbred racehorses.  With the retirement of Dr Steve Roman, creator of the dosage index, we aim to become the leading resource for the continuation of the study of dosage and the thoroughbred.  Our focus centres more of the true nature of the original method described by Vuillier, and later modified by Varola.  We respect Dr Roman's work, and without it, most would be unaware of dosages but his was a look at the thoroughbred through a narrow mathematical focus.  Our aim though is to improve understanding of the thoroughbred, and this means that we need to take all factors into account.  In particular, Australian and NZ breeders have established a unique product and we retain our own influences that have been fairly unique to our own racing.  These are often neglected by the rest of the world.  We owe a great debt to Mr John Hutchinson of Scone Bloodstock Services for the work he has carried out in classifying these influences.