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Ten Melbourne Cup Facts about Times

10. The race record is still held by Kingston Rule at 3.16.3 in 1990

9. Makybe Diva in 2005 was the last horse to win the Melbourne Cup in a time under 3 minutes and 20 seconds when she won in 3.19.79.

8. Last year's race was on a good 3 track, and won in a time of 3.20.3 by Fiorente

7. Both 2011 (Dunaden) and 2012 (Green Moon) races were also run on a good 3 and they took 3.20.84 and 3.20.45 respectively

6. The slowest recorded times were Archer in the very first cup (1861) and Lantern in 1864 at 3 minutes 52 seconds

5. The slowest time in modern history was the win by Van Der Hum on a heavy track in 1976.  He took 3.34.1 to cover the course.

4. Doriemus was the last horse to win on a heavy track in 1995 when he took 3.27.6.

3. Kiwi in 2003 was the last winner on a Fast track in a time of 3.18.9

2. Media Puzzle in 2002 is the fastest Northern Hemisphere horse to have ever raced in the Melbourne Cup, completing the race in 3.16.97

1. Makybe Diva's second win in 2005 was almost nine seconds slower than here other two wins.  She recorded 3.28.55 in 2005 while her other wins were in the times of 3.19.79 and 3.19.9.

As a general rule, it is considered that 1 second is the equivalent of 6 lengths.  Therefore the difference between 2012 and 2013 results of 0.15 seconds (3.20.3 compared with 3.20.45) is approximately 0.9 lengths.


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