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How can help you with your selections?

We all know what yearling sales are like.  Lots of hype, and lots of new season stallions, but how do you navigate through the maze?  A great way is to talk to some trainers you can trust, and see if you can tag along with them as they assess the youngsters.  It is a great way to learn, and a good way to get into a share on the ground floor.  This is not an option for everyone, and you may even be left looking through the glossy ads of the syndicators after the sale.

Here at, we have had plenty of experience in assessing yearlings on pedigree alone.  So before you invest in a yearling, talk to us about an assessment of the chances of that youngster winning a race or two.  It is a simple cost effective analysis that can help steer you into a sound investment with the type of racehorse that you are looking for.  Call Ross on 0412712181

Opposite is a brief assessment of Lot 1 at Magic Millions 2018.  I can go into a lot more detail if you would like but I chose this lot simply because it was Lot 1, and I could not influence the price by what I wrote.  Given the buyer, it is also unlikely that the filly will be syndicated, so again I think the impact of my assessment will be limited as I have no intention of attempting to influence any markets.

Lot 1 sold for $170,000 and I am of the opinion that the filly will make a reasonable broodmare, but on the track, the best that can be hoped for is a win in the city.  Even that I would consider to probably be wishful thinking.  Before you purchase your next yearling, give me a call or email. She is now racing as Luana so check her record and see if I was accurate.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please call me or email me before you purchase.  Sadly many people get upset if my opinions do not match their own optimism.